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Rave Reviews

Read what our customers have to say....

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About AmeriGlobe:

I also want to thank you for your dedication and customer service to our plant.  You guys (Mary Clark and Marlene Rodrigue)  have been amazing, you are always available and eager to address any needs / questions we have.  AmeriGlobe's customer service is outstanding in my book!!

Fortune 500 Chemical Company

“WHERE HAVE THESE BAGS BEEN!  These bags are perfect. There is a rope like material that is sewn into the seams . As a result there are no leaks on the seams.   The bags stack perfectly EVERY SINGLE TIME.”

“These bags are the answer to a packagers dream.”

Production Manager at a Major Chemical Manufacturer

“After AmeriGlobe made their first visit …I felt that this company had our best interests in mind.”

“…our needs were understood and…we were being provided with a quality product. What we did not expect is the personal attention that went along with it.”

“…our cost has dropped while our quality has gone up.”

President – North American Food Processor

“…your company has always been an industry leader in technology and customer support.”

“…when we talk about supplier partners you guys are always at the top of the list.”

Materials Manager - Space Suit Manufacturer

About Randy Curtis:

Dated - 4/11/2008

"Would like to thank you (Randy) and your team at Ameriglobe for your time and expertise in working with us to develop a bag which not only met our needs but also cost less than the bag we were purchasing. The packaging equipment we also purchased from Ameriglobe has increased our productivity and improved our efficiency in weight accuracy, appearance, and safety. You and your company’s technical knowledge and support have been excellent and hope to continue doing business in the future."

Warehouse Leader, Honeywell International, Orange, Texas Plant

“…exceptional products and services that we have received for the past ten years.”

“…never received a customer complaint related to packaging.”

“The relationship…has been very productive, resulting in technical and cost improvements…”

“We look forward to continuing our partnership of innovation…”

Operations Manager – BASF

“…response has always been prompt and expert.”

“…provide(d) the needed guidance in meeting customer requests.”

“(AmeriGlobe)…can provide state of the art FIBC solutions for Crompton and our customers.”

“I would highly recommend Randy Curtis and AmeriGlobe to anyone who has a need for the packaging services they offer.”

Customer Focus Manager – Crompton Corp.

About Roger Bhandari:

"From packaging to raw materials to everything in between we have close to 100 suppliers......and without a doubt or hesitation I consider Roger to be at the very top, elite in comparison to his contemporaries."

"If you are a customer or Rogers he doesn't just keep you in the loop, you are the loop, and that is very much appreciated and makes him a true asset as a partner."

"Roger's approach to taking care of our account is one of unbelievable passion, energy and commitment."

"I would recommend working with Roger to another company in a heartbeat as I believe that would immediately make them a stronger company."

Steven J. Raucci - Supply Chain Director - Electric Cable Compounds



"I was telling ....... it is such a pleasure to work with the Ameriglobe team and you. 

"You truly understand customer service and definitely model the way."

Buyer - Pharmaceutical Supplier


“…Roger has far exceeded the time and attention that I receive from most companies.”

“We have never had a delivery or quality issue…”

“…I highly recommend AmeriGlobe as our supplier of choice.”

Manager – Major North American Food Corporation

“…we have dealt with Roger…whose goal has been our complete satisfaction.”

“…a leader in taking our packaging concepts to the next level.”

“…highly recommend AmeriGlobe as a bulk bag supplier and Roger Bhandari as a salesman.”

Major Concrete Manufacturer

“…deadlines were always met and the quality of work has been superb.”

“…(Roger)…has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty, trust, and integrity…”

“…Roger Bhandari (is) honest and straightforward in his approach to business.”

Corporate Engineer – Major Health Products Mfg.

“…(Roger)…proved a sincere desire to succeed by insuring that (we) succeed.”

“…exceptional customer service, product quality, inventory management and delivery.”

“…offering innovative programs like free stocking / warehousing, consignment, automated re-ordering and inventory management and domestic supply when lead times don’t allow time for importing.”

Senior Sourcing Mgr. – Clariant Corp.

About Mary Clark:

You are so good, Mary! You are always on top of things and we notice that. .       

Supply Chain Purchasing Agent
Gowan Company LLC


“Mary, thank you for the input. It was really refreshing to hear you talk yesterday. I learned so much about super sacks.”

General Mills

"Mary Clark and her team at Ameriglobe did an extraordinary job delivering, within a very short lead-time, our urgent order of supersacks needed for packaging operations at the plant. We are greatful for their efforts and this compliment is well deserved in recognition of the attentiveness that Ameriglobe has to it's customers."       

The Dow Chemical Company


Thanks for the Data below... 

We all appreciate you watching the DAS forecast, especially on a bag not ordered since 2006,  and also taking the lead to order for us via your China supplier so DAS can have the lower price without a PO in place to ensure we had them for the March forecast.

We also appreciate the fact that Ameriglobe can also sew bags here in the US to meet these urgent needs such as the 300 below, when we have increased production campaigns.

THANK YOU Ameriglobe for your service to Dow!

2010 Letter From DOW Agrosciences

“…it is important to have a very strong vendor who will provide personalized attention and Mary meets, and far exceeds, our expectations in every way.”

“AmeriGlobe’s ability to make bags domestically and inventory bags allows ‘zero’ down-time.”

“…AmeriGlobe is continually looking for new foreign sourcing to ensure we have the best pricing, quality, and lead times possible.”

“AmeriGlobe and Mary Clark are obviously valued by August Packaging and we look forward to growing with AmeriGlobe.”

Owner-Partner – August Packaging

You really don’t see too many suppliers anymore that stay so connected to the products they send us”

The Dow Chemical Company

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